Econet Blames Connectivity Problems On Fuel Shortages

Zimbabwe has been facing electricity problems due to low power generation capacity and high demand from industry and household users.

Econet requires electricity to power hundreds of its base stations across the country to enable connectivity for its subscribers to be able to call.

The mobile operator has already installed hundreds of power generators powered by diesel at every base station to prevent blackouts when the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) cuts power.

“Econet apologises for the recent connectivity issues due to power cuts and worsened by diesel shortages. Improved fuel supplies will see service stabilising,” read a statement issued by Econet.

Zimbabwe experienced massive diesel shortages in the past weeks blamed on poor management policies at the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NocZim). Fuel supplies had stabilised in the past year after the formation of the unity government with the introduction of a multi currency system.