Econet Mobilise Funds To Salvage Somali Children

Econet which has over four million subscribers appealed to their customers to contribute to assist Somalians by using their short message service that is directed to “Save a Life” in the east African nation. The mobile network did not mention how much it is targeting to go towards saving lives in Somalia.

“We are for a world where everyone has easy access to life’s basic necessities. As a socially-responsible global communications organisation, we owe it to the world, to assist those in need. We are therefore, appealing to you, to join us to raise funds to help feed over 3,7 million Somali people, who are facing severe food shortages, due to drought,” Econet said in a statement.

“For every sms (short message send) that you send towards ‘Save a Life’, Econet will donate towards the cause. Together we can make a life-saving donation.”

The cost of a single sms towards the ‘Save a child and heal nation’ fund costs $0.50, Econet Wireless said.

Econet Wireless follows another group of Zimbabweans, the Zimbabwe-Somalia Solidarity Fund which has been looking for small contributions targeting to raise US$ 1000 towards helping Somalians who have been struggling in their war torn country.

Zimbabwe-Somalia Solidarity Fund will forward the contributions to the United Nations Childrens Fund (Unicef).