Editors' Arrest Condemned

The two editors were detained by the police allegedly at the behest of former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe advisor Munyaradzi Kereke.

The two spent over four hours at Harare Central Police Station over a story alleging that the disappearance of Kerere’s wife and four-year old daughter was a hoax.

Although the two journalists were later released after the intervention of their lawyers, Zinef chairperson, Brian Mangwende said his organisation, a grouping of Zimbabwe editors mostly from the private media, encouraged the public to seek redress through amicable
means by approaching the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe.

“While Zinef clearly acknowledges that readers and the public reserve the right to complain about issues in the media through legal civil action, getting journalists arrested, detained or otherwise will be unhelpful. As Zimbabweans, we must learn to be tolerant and live with each other peacefully. We must tolerate diversity of views and
celebrate diversity among ourselves,” said Magwende.

Gama condemned the arrests but said the daily paper will continue ”telling it like it is.”