Eight Activists Arrested As Onslaught Escalates In Masvingo


The eight arrested are being held by at the police cells at Nyika Growth point.

The civil leaders were arrested after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers gate-crushed into the meeting organised by the Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD).

In a statement, COTRAD executive said the meeting was aimed at widening the consciousness of the youth in national issues.

The meeting also aimed at rejuvenating the need for youths to take leading role of youths in nation building in light of the forthcoming referendum and much awaited decisive general election.

Some of the people arrested include COTRAD programs officer Brighton Ramusi, Gamuchirai Mukura, Faith Chinooneka and five others whose names are still yet to be confirmed.

No formal charges have been pressed yet.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake said he needed time to communicate with his officers in Bikita in order to get finer details of what exactly happened.

 “We strongly condemn the continuous suffocation and persecution of activists by the members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” reads part of the statement from COTRAD.

The past two weeks have seen an upsurge in arrest of journalists and civil society leaders a situation similar to the post March 2008 polls. Analysts accuse the former ruling party Zanu-PF for these arrests alleging that the President Robert Mugabe’s in the campaign mode.