Elections To Stop Chaos – Mugabe

Addressing the 86th Ordinary Session of the Zanu PF central committee at the party’s headquarters the ageing leader said the inclusive government was not functioning well as it was born out of the wishes of political parties and not the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe said the inclusive government is undermining agricultural recovery and growth in the country by not adequately funding the sector. He said there was no understanding in government that Zimbabwe  is an agricultural economy and hence needed to pour resources in the agricultural sector.

“We must have polls which put an end to this dysfunctional arrangement—the inclusive government which has served this country not well as desired. Already, we have lost three years of potential development. We cannot afford to go in this indecisive, if not, negative way,” he said.

He told members that although there has been movement in the constitution making process, the process has been moving in a tortoise pace which he blamed on some members of the inclusive government who have seen that it (government) is too sweet to abandon.

However, Mugabe told members they should shun violence to ensure the campaign for the elections is done freely.

He said there is going to be a meeting of leaders of all the political parties to preach peace ahead of elections.
Mugabe’s call for elections comes at a time civil society organizations have been saying the environment is not conducive for elections.

Mugabe  however told central committee members the environment is the best for elections.