Elephant Tusks Recovered After Poacher Shot Dead

Zimparks said its rangers will not hesitate to protect the country’s wildlife resources and themselves from poachers. The gun fire exchange led to the recovery of 28 ivory tusks.

“This follows a contact in Binga which resulted in one poacher being killed. The poacher who was aged 50 was shot dead at Bimbi 4 in Binga at the week-end,” Caroline Washaya-Moyo said in a statement.

“The following were recovered; 14 pairs of ivory tusks which translates to 28 ivory tusks,67 rounds of ammunition, an AK rifle,375 rifle and one round, cell phone with two Zambian lines and pots.”

She said the wildlife authorities said one poacher was seriously injured during a contact between the Authority’s rangers and six poachers between Zambezi Camp and Katombora on the Zimbabwean Side. The poacher, believed to be in his mid thirties, is in Intensive Care Unit in Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe has been battling poachers who kill big game like elephants, rhinoceros, and Buffalos. Independent wildlife experts have accused a group of international organised poachers as well as some authorities in government of the rampant poaching in the country.