Emirates Passenger Sues Airline For Being Seated Next To 'Obese' Man For 9 Hrs

Cape Town –  An Italian lawyer is suing Emirates airline for the ‘misery’ of being seated next to an obese man on a nine-hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai.  

Giorgio Destro is taking legal action against the UAE airline for having to endure standing in the aircraft’s passageway and sitting on seats that’s been reserved for the cabin crew.  

Destro is from Padua, located in the northern region of Italy.

Independent UK reported Destro saying that after he was comfortable in his window allocated seat, he was rather surprised when an ‘plus-sized’ man took the seat right next to him.    

He then requested an alternative seat, but it wasn’t possible as the aircraft was completely booked. Moreover, he claims to have ‘suffered’ for the full duration of the flight. He said that the seat was so awkward that he couldn’t utilise it for the duration of  the flight.

The Italian website Matino reported that Destro said, “Ultimately for nine hours, I had to stand in the aisle, sit on seats reserved for the aircrew when they were free, and in the final phase of the flight, resign myself to suffer the ‘spillover’ of the passenger at my side.”

What’s more is that he tweeted a picture of him sitting next to his new ‘plus-sized’ travel partner. He said that the man was ‘listening to music, watched films and slept’… (isn’t that what people of all shapes and sizes do on a plane?) 

The general stance is that body shaming passengers has never been the proper way to deal with these types of situations. A number of plus-sized passengers in the past have offered to pay for more than one seat to avoid these situations. 

Anyhow, he is suing the airline for total of €2 759.51, that’s more than R42 000, comprising of a ticket refund and ‘damages’. 


Independent UK