Equatorial Guinea Nguema in Zimbabwe To Meet Mugabe

“President Nguema is going to meet President Robert Mugabe this afternoon,” an official confirmed.

Nguema and Mugabe developed strong ties after the Zimbabwean leader’s security agents blocked Simon Mann and his suspected mercenaries who wanted to topple Nguema were stopped at Harare International airport and arrested.

Mann, a former special force officer of the British army served four years in Zimbabwe’s prison before he was extradited to Equatorial Guinea where he served two years after which he was deported to London.

Other members of the mercenary team served less years before they were deported to their respective African countries.

Mugabe and Nguema are expected to hold a meeting at the State House later in the day, an official confirmed. Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe have been trying to strengthen relations by embarking on business deals but no major agreement has been agreed.

Zimbabwe intends to get oil from Guinea while the northern African country is hoping to get investment in manufacturing, energy and construction from Zimbabwe.