ERC mobilises for follow ups on election promises

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Candidates who won in last year’s harmonised elections made numerous promises and this has prompted  a local election watch dog to mobilise citizens to   follow up on these pledges.

Addressing a press conference at Media Centre while launching the campaign dubbed #Sesingaphi#Tavepi#How far #, Election Resource Centre  executive director Tawanda Chimhini said the initiative is meant to put citizens at the centre of holding public officials to account.

“This campaign is designed to make citizens to  hold elected officials who have promised a number of promises in last year’s elections and they should question how far these  pledges have  gone.

“It will also mean citizens  will no longer be just mere voters but wield power such that contesting for public office should not be  a pleasantry,” said Tawanda Chimhini.

Under the campaign, ERC has created a database of all numbers of legislators and citizens can phone a toll free number  where they can be furnished with the numbers of their local MPs and ask them  on matters concerning their constituency or pledges they made.

According to Chimhini the campaign also seeks to measure progress on   electoral reforms, alignment of laws , traditional leaders respecting the constitution  and  ZBC reporting in accordance with the Constitution.

The ERC boss  said  the organisation  is keen on  president of chief’s council Fortune Charambira  to withdraw his partisan remarks  after the High Court ruled that the sentiments were ultra-vires  the constitution.

“We still hope the president of  the Chief’s Council,Fortune Charumbira will abide by the High Court ruling to withdrew the partisan sentiments he made which were unconstitutional and we hope the ministry of local government which acknowledged the ruling will compel the traditional leader to follow the constitution,” added Chimhini.

The organisation says it remains unfazed with the regime change agenda tag  as it is working within the confines of the law and is complementing government efforts. This comes in the wake of  government’s revelation that it was going to spy on civic society organisation fanning terrorism.

A youth organisation in Masvingo ,Cotrad, was handed a suspension last week and on  Friday,  the organisation made an urgent chamber application at the High Court in Harare, challenging the suspension (case number 2152). The organisation is seeking a temporary reprieve to enable it  to resume operations.