Eric Knight To Launch Radio Station

The two lost their jobs at the then Radio 2 when Jonathan Moyo instituted the infamous purge of some of the most popular voices on radio and faces on TV.

The two however seem to have put behind the agony and look towards establishing a radio station of their own.
Visions FM will broadcast on internet and initially to Zimbabweans in the UK with plans to extend its tentacles into Zimbabwe once conditions for a new broadcasting order are established.
Knight told Radio VOP in London that the station will be launched in the next few days.
 “Visions was formed after the outcry of millions of fans across the globe who demanded to hear those unmistakable voices which dominated Zimbabwe’s Radio and Television in the 90’s,” Knight said.
“The main purpose is to correct the exclusion and marginalization of the African communities from the electronic media in the Diaspora and also to serve the interests of the listeners back in Zimbabwe and Africa.”

Knight who now holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Manchester describes his radio station as one “for the people by people.”
“It is here to deliver excellent, entertaining, engrossing and intelligent conversation between the presenters and the listeners, covering the thoughts and topics that people of all walks of life,” said Knight.

In addition knight said they are planning to apply for a broadcasting licence back home in Zimbabwe once bids for such licences are opened. Currently Zimbabwe is maintaining a broadcasting monopoly in the form
of the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). Knight and Sibanda’s former employers ZBC Radio 2 now Radio Zimbabwe is often used as a propaganda tool by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.
This is despite the fact that an agreement signed between the country’s three main political parties agreed to put an end to the monopoly.