EU Condemns Mudzi Murder And Violence

Cephas Magura, an MDC supporter, was murdered in cold blood last week after clashes between MDC and Zanu (PF) supporters at Chimukoko business centre in Mudzi Mashonaland East province, in full view of police officers who were deployed to monitor meetings carried out by the two main political parties.

“The European Union Delegation deplores that politically motivated violence flared once again in Zimbabwe soon after the visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and after repeated appeals from the Inclusive Government Principals to put an end to such acts,” the EU delegation in Zimbabwe said.

“Reports indicate that the rally was properly authorised but was disrupted violently by a parallel demonstration by Zanu (PF) militants, without the Zimbabwe Republican Police being able or willing to stop them. It is worrying to note reports indicating that Zanu (PF) local politicians and the MP for the area were present at the events.”

The EU delegation said it is encouraging to note the condemnation for these criminal acts that came from across the political spectrum. Both Zanu (PF) and MDC formations, in their Joint Monitoring Implementation Committee meetings, condemned the killing of Magura.

“We welcome the mobilisation of the JOMIC Provincial committee and the arrest of six accused perpetrators. The EU Delegation looks forward to urgent action by the police authorities and the Attorney General’s office to bring the alleged perpetrators and their instigators to justice, in order to give a clear and unequivocal message that political violence is totally unacceptable in Zimbabwe,” the EU said.

The EU also said it welcomed the recent SADC Summit Communiqué on Zimbabwe, which urged the political parties in the government of national unity to implement the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and the roadmap to peaceful and credible elections.

The EU delegation said their statement is also being supported or associated by embassies of Norway, Canada and Australia.