EU To Review Zim Sanctions In January

Sanctions were slapped on President Robert Mugabe’s government especially his inner circle by the EU, the United States of America (USA) as well as several Western nations for Zimbabwe’s alleged abuse of the rule of law and political meddling against the opposition.

The meeting would be after the EU receives recommendations from ambassadors in Zimbabwe.

Germany has already warned that it would not recommend the lifting of the EU sanctions unless Zimbabwe’s rule of law and human rights situation improved.

“Nobody would like to see the sanctions stay for another seven years,” Conze said. “That would be a reflection of a deepening political crisis in this country, which all Zimbabweans would like to overcome. There has been some progress, however.”

Last year, Berlin sent a protest note the the Government of National Unity (GNU) after a German national lost US$1.5 million worth of investment in Karoi at a farm in Headlands that was invaded by a senior army brigadier.

Earlier this year, the Chancellaor Angela Merkel-led government said continued violations of the bilateral trade agreement between the two nations would jeopardise chances of the soutern African nation receiving financial support from Germany through a Multi Donor Trust (MDT) Fund.

The MDTF is a basket fund coordinated by the international community to support the GNU.

“The EU is meeting in January to review sanctions,” Conze confirmed in Harare.

The three principles to the GNU, President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutambara have aready said sanctions are killing the economy and resulting in millions suffering in the cash-strapped nation, once the bread basket of southern Africa.