Euphoria Over Malema's Visit To Zimbabwe

A series of rallies have been organised for him by the Zanu-PF party.

In an interview AAG secretary General Tafadzwa Musarara said a dinner gala  will be hosted by the business presssure group on Saturday.

“We are going to host the South African Youth leader at a local hotel and we are inviting journalists and serious stake holders to come and have discussions with him. That day we will be talking serious business,” said Msarara.

A political analyst David Tavatya said Zanu PF wanted to use Malema to supports its controversial Empowerment Act, which has scared some investors and has seen the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange tumbling.

“This is desperate move by the revolutionary party. They want to use this young man for their political benefit. They want him to say the empowerment Act has been supported by other countries using this South African youth.

“There are more credible speakers to invite and discuss this critical policy than inviting a hooligan like Malema,”he said.

Malema like his Zanu-PF counterparts, is in the processing of pushing through a debate in South Africa in favour of the introduction of Zimbabwe-style-empowerment laws.

He recently ruffled feathers when he made a call for the nationalisation of the country’s mining sector, sending jitters among international investors in South Africa.

South African President Jacob Zuma was later forced to play down the move saying Malema was only expressing an opinion during a recent visit to London.

Malema like his Zanu-PF hosts also has a penchant for provoking anti-white sentiments. He recently described all white as racists.

He also recently stirred a hornet’s nest when he sang an anti-apartheid song which targets white people with its “shoot the Boer” lyrics.