Ex-CFU Boss Lashes Out At Zim's Land Reforms

Theron stepped down at the CFU last congress in last month in Harare where he bemoaned that the country has become a net food importer instead of a net exporter. He said the country is now importing maize and wheat from countries such as Malawi that have less fertile land that Zimbabwe.

The CFU which represents mostly white commercial farmers is still in existence although over 4000 of the 4500 members lost their land to government led land reforms that began in the year 2000.

“We used to produce enough food to feed ourselves. We no longer do,” said Theron, who was replaced by Charles Taffs for the CFU president at the union’s congress last week.

“If the aim of the land reform was to evict whites and replace them with blacks, then it can be deemed a success. If the aim was that it should benefit the majority and not only a chosen few, then it has been a failure.”

In his last speech as CFU president, Theron gave examples of multiple farm owners who include Mugabe and senior government and Zanu (PF) officials.

From the report that was compiled by CFU, Mugabe and his close families own 39 farms, Patrick Chinamasa and family five farms, Philip Chiyangwa and family five farms while the commander of the Defence Forces, General Constantine Chiwenga and family own five farms

Theron said the number of farms owned by the senior officials was supplied by former white farmers who were booted out of their farms and information by former farm workers.

Despite acknowledging that there is multiple farm ownership by senior government officials the government has failed to name the beneficiaries of the multiple farm owners although government has done three reports to date.

This year due to poor harvests government has said the nation will import maize to cater for the grain deficit.