Ex SA President De Klerk Says Tutu's Health Is Improving

Former South African State President FW de Klerk has visited fellow Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in a Cape Town hospital.
Tutu has been battling with medication for prostate cancer for the last few weeks.

De Klerk says the archbishop’s health is continuing to improve and he now spends more time sitting in a chair. De Klerk jokingly says he looks forward to seeing Tutu dancing at his 80 birthday in 2016.   

In July, Tutu and his wife Leah, celebrated 60 years of marriage and camaraderie at a vow renewal ceremony in Cape Town.

Desmond and Leah’s romance first blossomed during the pair’s college days. The couple was married on the 2nd of July, 1955 and settled in Soweto – the epicentre of the apartheid struggle.

They have four adult children and seven grandchildren.   

Their commitment was tested when young Desmond became a vocal critic of the oppressive regime, quitting his job as a teacher in protest, and then subsequently joining the clergy.

In 1986 he became South Africa’s first ever black Anglican Archbishop and the pair was thrust into the international limelight as the voice of reconciliation and hope.