Ex Zanu PF commissar Rugeje appointed acting Chief Charamba

By Virginia Njovo

BIKITA – Zanu PF politburo member and former national political commissariat, Rtd Lt Gen Engelbert Rugeje was recently appointed acting Chief Charamba to preside of over family and chieftainship affairs until a new substantive chief is selected.

In a telephone interview with TellZim News, Rugeje said he was appointed to the role in line with the Moyo yeVaDuma tradition called Sarapavana which literally means stay behind and take care of the children.

“The families of the Charamba clan sat down and agreed to give me the duty since I am the eldest surviving son of the late chief. In line with our traditional customs, I will act in that capacity for two years until a substantive chief is selected to take over,” said Rugeje.

He said he will not be eligible to become substantive chief himself since tradition demands that the throne must rotate among all the houses of the Charamba clan.

“The substantive chief will this time around come from the Madzivire family. There are a total of five families that make up the clan. It has to be rotated among all the families,” said Rugeje.

Other families in the Charamba clan include Marecha, from which Rugeje is descended, and Siyei.

The late Chief Charamba, real name Timothy Charamba, died in July 2019 aged 99 years.

TellZim News