Examine Your Head: AAG Tells KP

Mandiwanzira launched vitriol on the organisation for its delay in certifying the sale of Harare’s alluvial stones arguing that this had led to suffering of ordinary citizens.

“Kimberly Process (KP) should get its head examined as now it has been divided into white Kimberly Process and black Kimberly Process”, said Mandiwanzira, an alleged Mugabe loyalist who was a key figure in 2002 controversial Zimbabwe Presidential  elections who owns a small company with interests in communications industry.

Zimbabwe’s Consul General to South Africa, Godfrey Magwenzi urged organisations accusing Zimbabwe of human rights abuses at the Marange and Chiadzwa diamond fields to substantiate their claims with concrete evidence.

“Organisations need to support their allegations and claims with concrete evidence. The Marange diamonds are a threat to diamond industry long dominated by the Canadians among other Western countries, the reason why Canadian funded organisations would stop at nothing in discrediting Marange diamonds and Zimbabwe’s sell of its precious stones”, said Magwenzi.

Tafadzwa Msarara, the AAG- Secretary General , who donned a Zanu (PF) in scripted tie, also attacked organisations he alleged were responsible for perpetrating fictitious and malicious information on Zimbabwe and singled out Partnership Africa Canada for producing reports he branded as cheap form of propaganda.

The AAG delegation that was also reinforced by the Zimbabwe embassy staff called on the civil society organisation attending the meeting to enlist their signatures in the anti-sanctions campaign being led by former ruling party Zanu (PF).

Zanu (PF) with its aligned bodies has of late been occupying every available platform in the region to defend its position on the Zimbabwe’s economic and political meltdown squarely blamed at President Robert Mugabe’s failed policies and quasi fiscal policies that were enacted to help his power retention project.

Mandiwanzira, Msarara and Joshua Marufu blamed the European Union and US governments for Zimbabwe’s woes, the usual rhetoric that is churned by President Mugabe, alleging that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were affecting even social delivery such as health delivery system.

In response to the allegations on sanctions the EU’s head of delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Aldo Dell’ Ariccia said sanctions were in no way affecting innocent Zimbabweans but a few clique of elites who are regarded as Mugabe loyalists.

“On sanctions affecting the people of Zimbabweans, stop it, the issue is that the country’s resources are not being directed towards social delivery”, Ariccia strongly protested allegations leveled against his body.