Expelled Masvingo Zanu(PF) Bigwigs Face Loss Of Properties

By Itai Muzondo


MASVINGO – Zanu(PF) bigwigs who were expelled recently for being aligned to fired former vice president Joice Mujuru are set to lose their properties as remaining party members have consistently stroked on them saying the properties were acquired in a corrupt manner so should be overtaken by the state to benefit the general populace from which they claim were stealing from.

Addressing war veterans early this year, former provincial governor Senator Josaya Hungwe who justified his credentials as a true ‘war veteran’ often accused to be a sell-out, said they wish to take away the stake Dzikamai Mavhaire has in Bikita Minerals alleging that he was just a mere puppet to cover up for the capitalist activities of the late mine owner, Nigel McFail.

“It amazes me to see a person who says he has a stake in a leading mining industry with a worn out suit. Bikita minerals for your own information has one of the most treasured mineral (lithium) which is for export only, but Mavahire has nothing to show for it.

“As Zanu(PF), we are going to look into those properties and bring to book the corrupt work they are doing by covering for capitalist activities. As of now, we are made to believe that Mavhaire owns nothing because he remains the most controversial board member and as government looks into it, we will take what is ours to benefit the people,” said Hungwe.

Speaking to Radio VOP, the party’s Masvingo province political commissar, Jeppy Jaboon said the clean up development would not spare ousted Mwenezi legislator Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Retired Colonel Claudius Makova.

“As Zanu (PF) Masvingo Province we are going to take the citrus farm from Bhasikiti. He no longer belongs to the party so why should he continue to benefit from its programmes. Relevant procedures are being taken so that the farm will be allocated to small scale famers in Mwenezi.

“As a party, we have also currently summoned Retired Colonel Makova through the courts to return all party property he has in his position. He has since appealed to us that we spare him but I want to confirm that we are standing our ground,” said Jaboon.

Bhasikiti however rubbished the sentiments saying no one has the power to grab what belongs to him especially that the farm they are targeting is productive.

“That is wishful thinking and these people have been saying that for a while now. Land reform is government initiative which has no partisan discrimination. Even those from MDC have benefited from the land reform programme so why grab back my farm as if it is not productive and beneficiary to my constituency let alone the country as a whole.

Makova did not deny being issued an ultimatum by the party but said he is reluctant to respond as he says it was work being channelled through overzealous Zanu( PF) youths.


“I have seen a letter from lawyers but I stand not to respond as I strongly think that it is work done by overzealous youths. The papers actually claim my house but what they do not understand is that they cannot take it since they had used it as Zanu(PF) offices since their own had faced closure due to failure to pay rentals,” said Makova.