Expelled MDC Legislators Speak Out On Mutambara Ouster

Former president Arthur Mutambara is refusing to reisgn from his post of deputy minister to take up an nferior post of Minister of Regional Integration and Regional cooperation as demanded by his party.

Former Nkayi South legislator Adednico Bhebhe described Ncube, who took over as president of the smaller faction of the MDC party recently, of being power hungry and abusing hardworking party cadres to achieve his own selfish and personal agendas.

“When I was still an MP (member of parliament) and a national council member of the party, I personal warned Mutambara that he must be very careful when dealing with Ncube. Mutambara thought I was joking but look where is now. Ncube and company do not want progressive and elected people around them.Mutambara has achieved what Ncube wanted him to achieve and he is being flushed out just like a used toilet paper,” said Bhebhe.

Bhebhe urged Mutambara not to resign from the deputy prime minister’s post insisting that doing so will be giving Ncube victory.

Bhebhe’s sentiments were also echoed by the former Lupane East, Njabuliso Mguni who was also sacked from the party after questioning the party’s parceling of posts in the inclusive government to unelected leaders.

“Welshman is testing is own medicine. In the first place why did he beg Mutambara to lead party following the split if he is capable of leading the party? Remember it was him again who master minded our dismissal from the party. Some of us saw this happening. Its only that Mutambara did not want to listen to our advice,” said Mguni.

Following Mutambara’s refusal to quit’s Deputy Prime Minister Post; Mguni said the party was likely to fire him.

Mutambara said he will not step down from his post as deputy prime minister because Ncube was improperly elected president.

Ncube said his party will meet Wednesday to discuss the matter.