Facilitators Turn Heat On Zimbabwe's Political Leaders

The spokesperson of a three member facilitation team appointed by South African President Jacob Zuma, told Radio VOP that the team is intensifying its attempts to bridge the differences between the political parties.

“Mr Mac Maharaj was in Harare last week and is currently engaging with the process because President Zuma has to engage with the Principals before he goes to the SADC Summit and that’s why Mr Maharaj is busy with that process now,” said Ambassador Lindiwe Zulu by phone from Johannesburg.

“The three principals have to review the report submitted by their representatives and that is the process taking place now. Only when that happens will President Zuma present a report to the SADC Troika chairperson, Armando Guebuza.”

Maharaj who was in Harare on Tuesday also told Radio VOP that he is still engaging with the Zimbabwean leaders.

“All I can say is that I am still engaging the leaders in this process,” said Maharaj.

Asked if at all, he is making any headway in solving the evergrowing outstanding issues between President Robert Mugabe and his long time foe and now Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, he said, “I know you are a fisherman from Kariba and I will only report to President Zuma not to fisherman like you.”

The list of grievances  includes the appointment of the unilateral appointment of Reserve of Zimbabwe governor Gedion Gono, Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, provincial governors and MDC Deputy Agriculture designate Roy Bennett who remains out of government even though he was acquitted by a Harare High Court last month.

However the list of outstanding issues continues to grow and now includes the unilateral appointments of ambassadors by President Robert Mugabe and incessant musical spots on state media praising Zanu (PF) and the president on national television.