Factional Squabbles Rock MDC-T In Mat North

By Judith Sibanda

Hwange, March 07, 2016 – MDC-T political leaders in Matabeleland North are battling to contain renewed infighting among party members in a province that has not been spared by factional squabbles past few months.

At a party rally in Hwange West Friday, MDC-T provincial chairman, Thembinkosi Sibindi and his lieutenants took turns to slate endless infighting in the province.

They attributed the main opposition’s dismal performance in the 2013 elections to the fights.

The MDC-T lost the Hwange West seat, together with council wards, to the rival Zanu PF party in the election.

Sibindi told a rally in Hwange West on Friday that politics was about respecting one’s seniors and sticking to party regulations.

“We need to work with village heads and chiefs so that we progress,” he said.

“I give you a guarantee that we will win the elections only on condition we do away with factionalism.

“Let us avoid bush meetings especially councillors because that is unconstitutional.”

Sibindi was adamant they were plotting against his leadership adding that some party politicians in the province were going around him to convene clandestine meetings in the name of the party.

“All those who want to be stakeholders must come for meetings and we debate,” he said.

“Whether you love or hate me to an extent of bewitching me, don’t do it now because you’re wasting your time.

“My term will end in 2018 and then you can unseat me.  Please members stop organising meetings behind my back trying to dethrone me.

“I was voted by nearly a thousand people it is unusual for one to do that if he not bribed.

“I urge those individuals to stop segregating new comers and old supporters feeding them with your pathetic lies to gain power,” added Sibindi without mentioning the names.

Sibindi said they did not want to go on primary elections to divide the party.

“Let 2017 be a year of campaigning,  not for hating each other to an extent of forgoing primary elections,” he said.

‘Let us remember we are all in a race to elect the people’s president and when we win, almost everyone will have a good post.” he said.

He said Hwange district was the most divided in the province.

Out of 13 districts, Hwange remains problematic,” Sibindi added.

“We need to win back the parliament seats  but councillors are letting us down.

“This is not your company where you can dictate, you can only manage your birth certificate.

“How can we have more than four structures in one party? We are tired of unending reports that you are fighting for power and serving your own interests not of the people.”

Speaking at the same rally, the party’s youth leader in Hwange West Lungile Nyoni accused councillors of preventing youths from attending party meetings.

“There is now a tendency that when we call for meetings some youths don’t attend stating that they have a meeting with ward councillors who don’t allow them to attend,” he said.

“ I will not tolerate something like that. Very soon some people might face suspension because of that.

“Youths must know their leaders. They must not listen to councillors who do unconstitutional things.

“We want to free our country, therefore we must do away with hypocrisy and if we did something wrong, let us know and we talk about it,” said Nyoni.

Fiso Sibanda, the MDC-T deputy organiser for Nkayi North said supporters needed to respect existing structures to kill factionalism.

 “We need all the names of those misbehaving during this session,” charged Sibanda as youths kept interjecting during the rally with some marching to the front while others smoke and drank beer.

“Youths, why are you misbehaving in front of your seniors? That says a lot about you.”


The rally which was held at Ndlovu Business Centre, attracted about 400 MDC- T supporters from Chidobe, Kachechete, Nemanhanga, Chikandakubi, Victoria Falls war.d 4, 8 and 9, 10 and 11.