Faith Members Threaten Fresh Farm Invasions

Masvingo District Administrator (DA) James Mazvidza confirmed that his office is trying hard to calm down more than 1000 families from Johanne Masowe who want to invade Chidza farm located about 30kilometers east of Masvingo town.
The Faith members claim that they were used by President Robert Mugabe during the previous elections and are threatening to go on a rampage and invade some farms owned by the white community in Masvingo as a payback for their votes.
Last Wednesday, Mazvidza pleaded with the church leaders who had gathered at Bollarnt Farm in Chidza where they were about to allocate some potions of land to their families.
“We are aware that some people are eager to give themselves land but we are saying the process must be legal. We are fighting hard to cool down the church members who are about to go on fresh farm invasions”.
“I am sure they will understand us and wait until professional provincial lands committee team is invited to assess the situation and peg the land so that the process is not haphazard,” added Mazvidza.
However, Mazvidza said he was not aware that the church members were pushing for land as a way of expressing their anger against Mugabe’s empty promises.
“I am not aware of their motivation to fight for land,” he said.
But one of the key members in the Apostolic sect who refused to be named insisted that they patiently waited for Mugabe to honour his promises for a long time now.
“We have run out of patients now, the President through his various representatives promised us to get land once he returned his position in 2008. We voted for him and supported him all the way but nothing good has come our way as a way of appreciating our support.
“The people feel that the President duped them and they think it is time ready to act,” he said.

 Often churches are seen as compliant to the laws and they are usually least expected to be seen fighting in order to be rewarded.