Fake Chinese Leather Shoes Cause Stink In Zimbabwe

In an interview a senior member from LIZ said : “We are very worried about the coming in of Chinese shoes to Zimbabwe This is killing our fragile leather industry.”

She said the government had put a US$5 levy on all shoes imported into Zimbabwe but the Chinese were getting away with it since their shoes cost less than US$5 for each pair.

“How can the shoes cost less than US$5 when a government levy has been put on them by government?” she asked.

“The government needs to monitor seriously the importation of Chinese shoes into Zimbabwe because they are killing our business.”

The Managing Director of Conte Shoes (Zimbabwe) Limited confirmed that fake Chinese shoes were flooding the market at very cheap prices.

She said she could soon run out of business because production costs were very high in Zimbabwe.

“They are bringing in very cheap and fake shoes,” she said in an interview.

“There is a US$5 levy on each pair of shoes so how can they sell for less than US$5. There is something wrong somewhere and I think more investigations need to be done by Zimra at all border posts because a lot of containers are coming intp the country with fake Chinese shoes.”

Members said LIZ should be more vocal and lobby government to ban all leather shoe imports especially from China.