Feared Mnangagwa Did Not Play Significant Role During The War: Mhanda

Wilfred Mhanda whose war name is Dzinashe Machingura, a former Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) said Mnangagwa did not play a prominent role in the liberation of the country. The former war fighter made the revelations at a symposium in Harare in a discussion to remember and honour Mozambique’s late President Samora Machel.
Mhanda wrote his book titled “Dzino–Memories of a freedom fighter” which gives accounts of the liberation struggle. Responding to questions from journalists why Mnangagwa’s name was never mentioned in his book, Mhanda said: “If his (Mnangagwa’s) name is left out that means he did not play a prominent part during the liberation struggle,” Mhanda said.
Mnangagwa was President Robert Mugabe’s personal body-guard and secretary during the liberation war. He was appointed Minister of State security at independence and blamed for the Matebeleland Gukurahundi massacres which saw more than 20 000 civilians being killed after disturbances in the early 80s.
Mnangagwa joined the war of liberation in the mid-1960s and was arrested for bombing a train in Masvingo and sentenced to death but he survived the hangman’s noose and was sentenced to 10 years in jail.
He commands a faction in Zanu (PF) which was rival to the one that was led by the late army General Solomon Mujuru who was killed in a mysterious fire at his farm in Beatrice. His family has demanded that police investigate what led to Zimbabwe’s first army General’s death.
Meanwhile, Mhanda said commanders during the war made a mistake by convincing Machel that Mugabe be regarded as their leader. He said Mugabe had not been properly nominated at a congress to lead Zanu (PF).
“We ourselves as ZIPA (Zimbabwe People’s Army) commanders had made an error by convincing President Samora Machel to accept Robert Mugabe as our leader. We later regretted it,” Mhanda said.
Mhanda said Zimbabweans must not wait for war veterans or Zanu (PF) officials to solve the country’s problems but everybody must be involved in defining the destiny of the country.
“The struggle to liberate Zimbabwe was not to liberate the war veterans or the Zanu (PF) leadership, it was to liberate everybody. It is everybody’s responsibility to participate in shaping the course of development of their country. It is everybody’s responsibility in shaping the course of development of their country; we cannot abdicate that responsibility to Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF) or Robert Mugabe do not have title deeds over Zimbabwe, we all Zimbabweans it is our responsibility,” Mhanda said.
“Books must be reviewed by people, who give their honest opinions and not necessarily those who support even those who oppose. That is the basis of subsequent editions of the book.”