Female Trader Beaten Up By War Vets Dies

Memory Chaduka (25) sustained broken ribs, which later jabbed her liver resulting in her death on Monday, Masvingo General Hospital Medical superintendent, Dr Stephen Chirengwa, said.

“While 20 were taken here for treatment, with five others admitted as they had serious injuries, Memory failed to make it as her broken ribs pierced her liver,” Dr Chirengwa said.

Edmore Chaduka (45), father to the late Memory, wailed for her daughter on Tuesday, saying he will not rest until justice is done.

“So what is so special about the independence day when you kill people? I am going to see to it that whoever was responsible will pay
for my daughter’s death,” said the grieving Chaduka.

A day before Independence Day, a group of war veterans and Zanu (PF) descended on Tanaiwa and Takawira flea markets demanding at least US $ 2 from each trader.

The traders had been ordered to pay the money by the end of last week, but most failed to meet the deadline.

Those who failed to submit their contributions to Masvingo Informal Traders Association (MITA) president, Gilbert Chikwata, were accused of being Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters.

“We have already started contributing towards Memory’s funeral expenses on our own. They did not even bothered to at least say sorry
or contribute towards the expenses,” said a fellow trader.

“I wonder if this is the independence that they want. Independent to kill innocent people who are looking for money legally,” said Amos
Mugari, another trader.

Gilbert Chikwata, who previously said the assaults were not that brutal, professed ignorance over the deaths.

“No I do not know about that. Our intention was not to kill but make them pay for the great day of the country. I do not know if anyone has died, probably she was already ill, let me find out,” Chikwata said.