FIFA's Blatter Faces 'Revolt'

The political machinations at FIFA are notorious, and Blatter’s re-election at FIFA’s 2011 conference is hardly assured, as he faces challenges from within the FIFA fold.

The Asian Football Confederation’s president, Mohammed Bin Hammam, confirmed this weekend that his region would be contesting the presidency.

“We would like to see an Asian as the president of FIFA,” said Bin Hammam.

Blatter has accepted the challenge, saying, “I am satisfied that now it is obvious that there will be candidates for the FIFA presidency in 2011 from Asia. I have not changed my position.”

Blatter has overcome challenges to his authority and scandals in the past, but it is believed that his power-base at FIFA may not be as strong as it once was.

Bin Hammam is known to champion the proposal that the FIFA presidency should be limited to two terms.

When quizzed about his thoughts on the 2011 elections by the Guardian Blatter said, “The elections are only in one year, in 14 months. We have time to speak about that.”

“Don’t ask me what I think about the others. I go my way, I go the Fifa way, I go the way I have been going since 2 February 1974.” News 24