Fifteen Injured Over Mugabe Birthday Donations Bloody Clashes

The injured youths were admitted at Chikombedzi general hospital. However, only MDC youths were arrested for provoking Zanu (PF) youths.

MDC-T Chiredzi south secretary general, Onisias Mhlaleku, said they will fight back.

“The youths have been moving around the district demanding villagers to pay US $10 or face unspecified action. So the villagers have been complaining over this and we organised ourselves to resist them hence the outbreak of the violence,” he said.

“We will not fold our hands this time and watch when we and our parents are beaten up and tormented by Zanu (PF) as what they have been doing over the last decade. This time we will fight for our freedoms,” he added.

Zanu (PF) provincial youth leader, Fainos Makwarimba was hostile to Radio VOP when contacted for comment.

“I don’t speak to people from your organisation that is always writing bad about my party, actually I have no comment to that opposition mouthpiece,” he said.

Zanu (PF) youths went on a door to door exercise of forcing struggling villagers to pay US$10 per household towards the president’s birthday bash. The ageing Zimbabwe autocratic ruler turns 87 on 21 February.

Radio VOP was unable to get a comment from the police.