Fifty Zim Villagers Left Homeless

The Land Commitee comprising District Adminstrator Felix Muguni, officials from police, prison, rural council and war veterans descended on the area on Tuesday.  Owners watched helplessily as the commitee members set alight the grass thatched huts.  Ten armed police officers were at the scene.

“They occupied the area illegally, defied council orders to vacate” said a commitee member.

One of the affected settlers, however, Brian Mukuze, said Hurungwe council had denied them land.

“Council and lands commitee do not want to recognise us formally. The evictations are ill-timed as it is rain season already,” he said. 

Most of the settlers are from Chief Mjinga and Mazhake borders communal farms and Tengwe farming 60kilometes south of Karoi town. 

Currently the illegal settlers are sleeping on open space and said they will not move away.