Fire Destroys Glen View Home Industry Complex

Furniture worth thousands of dollars was this morning destroyed by fire at the Glen View Home Industry complex situated along Willowvale Road in Harare.

The fire was finally contained after three hours, but more than 85 percent of the complex including properties inside the building had been destroyed.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and no life was lost.

Witnesses say the fire could have been contained had the Harare Fire Brigade brought water to douse the flames.

A security guard at the complex says the fire brigade arrived on time but they had no water.

The suburb also had no water. The fire was finally extinguished after about three hours but by that time about 80 percent of the complex had been destroyed.

The Fire Brigade however managed to avert a major catastrophe as the fire was contained before spreading to residential houses close to the complex.

For the entrepreneurs at the complex, it is back to ground zero with all their sources of livelihood gone as the properties are not insured.

The real value of the destroyed property has not yet been quantified.

By 7:00am, fire fighters were still battling to contain the situation that was being worsened by strong winds.

The Minister of State for Harare province, Miriam Chikukwa and the local legislator Sabina Mangwenda also visited the site.