Firebrand NCA Chair Threatens A No Vote

Madhuku at the formation of the inclusive government three years ago when the writing of a new constitution was initiated, announced that he was going to oppose the whole process.
He went on to launch an Anti-COPAC led constitution campaign code named Take Charge in which he is encouraging Zimbabweans to oppose the new constitution on the premise of the country’s constitution being written by politicians.

As a result of the formation of the parliament led constitution making body COPAC ,the National Constitutional Assembly ran out of funds, with donors directing funding to government.

“Donors took all the money from us saying we were supporting Zanu (PF). The time is coming and we will stand firm and tell Zimbabweans to resist a flawed constitution.

“ There is no basis of supporting this document which is being decided by politicians. We hear that the three principals have a final say to the draft constitution, and yes that is what is going to happen, and do we want that to happen? Politicians deciding for us?”, Professor Madhuku told delegates gathered for a two day SADC Media, Civil Society and Political party players’ round table in Harare, Monday.

“We will be publishing a long, long, long list of the defects of the constitution and make people see.

There will be a contested referendum. We are individuals and not political parties and we will make people vote No and that I think is the only way forward for our country. Our No campaign should not be viewed as a Zanu (PF) thing as ours is of substance, ” Madhuku added.

The draft constitution was last week handed over to Principals of the Global Political Agreement, and parliament.

One of the GPA partners the mainstream MDC-T has already endorsed it with Zanu (PF) contemplating on rejecting the draft constitution.

The document is expected to go to a second all stakeholders conference where amendments are going to be effected if any arises before a referendum is held.