First MDC-T Mayor For Masvingo Dies

Chaimiti who served as the mayor for Masvingo from 2000 to 2008 was the only MDC-T candidate who won elections to run the city unopposed when Zanu (PF) candidate, Patson Muzvidziwa failed to produce adequate papers at the Nomination Court in 2005.

Deputy Minister of Youth, Indigenization and Empowerment who is also Masvingo Urban legislator Tongai Matutu has described Chaimiti’s death as a major blow to the party.

Matutu described Chaimiti as a man who played a fatherly role in the party’s Masvingo provincial structures.

“We are robbed of a man who used to play a role of a father in our party. He used to advise us and often he acted as a unifying character in the party. His death will leave a void which will be very difficult to fill in the party,” said Matutu.

The current mayor for Masvingo and MDC-T ward 5 councillor Alderman Femias Rashai Foroma Chakabuda said Chaimiti was his mentor who loved to see development in Masvingo.

“He was a man who wanted to see Masvingo developing. He did a number of projects for the city,” said Chakabuda.

Mourners were on Wednesday gathered at his house in Rhodhene.