Fish farming empowers Mapanzure community

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

MASVINGO – Economic hardships being faced in the country have taught people learn to sustain lives for themselves rather than wait to be employed at different  struggling companies in the country.

Taurai Muyambo is one of the people making a living out of fish farming with the help of Aquaculture who  gave them the fish they started with and later their business grew rapidly and they are now able to make a living.

Muyambo aged 33 from Mapanzure started fish farming in 2014 and when they started they were 720 people but now they are 16 people only left.

“We cleared the place we had been given to pave way for us to build dams and we now have two dams. Other members left because we had to pay a certain fee to buy food for the fish so they could not afford,”

“Some pulled out because they lived far from the dam and we had to take turns to guard the dam so they could not travel distances,” she said.

The 33 year old who is a member of a group called Tagarira said that the project is her only source for of living including her children.

“I was never employed before and this is the first time to have money of my own;money l work for so hard. I am only into fish farming and poultry again which we started with the help of Aquaculture,” said Muyambo.

Muyambos’ life has been transformed through fish farming and she said a lot of things have changed in her life.

“I am married with 3 children and my husband is in South Africa and now l do not to rely on him for everything, l am also helping him with the responsibilities back at home,”

“Relish at home is no longer a problem as after every two weeks we harvest our fish and we sell the other fish and get a few bond notes for ourselves. People now know we harvest after every two weeks so they come and buy our fish which is a good move as we have created a market base,” she said.

As a woman, Muyambo feels empowered by being able to help and  sustain a living for herself.

“I feel empowered as a woman who had nothing to do before and now l am surviving through fishing and the project is really going well. I am now able to go and buy food and clothes at anytime l want than wait for a montly allowance from my husband. At first we got $200 as a group when we harvested but now we get $500 and above,” said Muyambo.

She gave advice to the other women out there.

“Doing something for yourself empowers you as an individual,use our own hands and make money and we should not wait for other people but make our own destiny for ourselves and our children and generations to follow. Women need to be independent and that is one thing l am working towards,” she advised.

The Tagarira group is comprised of 9 women and 7men all from ward 19 in Mapanzure and after their harvest they sell their fish per kg.

Muyambo is not only a member of Tagarira, she is also a member of a youth organisation called My Age Zimbabwe Trust in Masvingo.

“I joined My Age in 2010 and the organisation has helped me a lot, l now understand life better and l can now communicate with the other youth in a better way. My Age has developed me better and l will not back down in whatever l do in life,” said the mother of 3.