Five Copac Members Injured

Several Copac meetings were disrupted or aborted as Mugabe’s supporters attacked MDC supporters  with stones, screw divers and sticks in attempt to chase them away from the constitutional meetings.

The three who were injured in the skirmishes were admitted at a private clinic in Harare. The worst hit with the violence was Mbare district.

Radio VOP correspondent witnessed the violence in Mbare.

House of Assembly member for Mbare, Piniel Denga, told Radio VOP that “five of our members were attacked with stones and sticks by Zanu (PF) militants.

“Zanu (PF) supporters beat up people throwing stones and disrupting the meeting. Two ladies sustained head injuries,” said Denga.

MDC information and publicity secretary for Harare province, Willias Madzimure, said a Zanu (PF) “rented crowd” was being distributed to specific centres to disrupt meetings.

“We had wanted to bring the constitutional outreach to a logical conclusion but the rented crowd is causing havoc. We saw that in Mabvuku yesterday and we also saw it again in Mbare. The sad thing is that our members are being arrested and yet they are the victims,” said Madzimure.

SABC crew was also briefly detained by the Zanu (PF) mob before being released.