Flamboyant Chiyangwa Shows Off Cars

Chiyangwa, whose Native Investments company sponsors the top video award pitched a tent at the Karigamombe Centre parking space to present the prizes to the winning musicians.

As the crowd swelled, Chiyangwa’s flashy assembly of cars started trickling in. These included a Rolls Royce Phantom,  a Chrysler manufactured Bentley, the same model that Manchester United and England star Wayne Ronney drives, Mercedes Benz S600 Class brabus, a two door Mercedes Benz sports car CLS 300, a  Toyota Landcruiser 200 series and a Mercedes Benz CDI 200 kompressor.

Missing, however, was the Hummer Chisora, which Radio VOP was informed has been given to one of Chiyangwa’s sons.

During the proceedings, Chiyangwa’s drivers would open and close the tops of the Bentley and the Mercedes sports car, much to the delight of the crowd. Chrysler which manufactured United States of America’s official car, manufactured the Bentley.

The winner of the Video of the Year Award, Josphat Somanja of the Haulume Fame was brought onto the podium to receive his prize in the Rolls Royce while second placed Shaina’s Alexio Kawara was in the Bentley with its top open with the same happening to third placed Tongai Moyo who was in the two door Mercedes Benz.

The top of the range cars, however, failed to match the prizes that were dished out to the musicians as the prize money failed to meet the huge expectations of such an occasion. Somanje received $1 000 for his efforts, Kawara $ 750 with Moyo getting $500.

Moyo who travelled all the way from his home base of KweKwe to receive his prize summed up the musicians feeling in his speech when receiving his prize, saying $500 was for fuel.

Chiyangwa, however, declared that Native Investments would continue sponsoring the award for many years to come.