Former Air Zim CEO Chikumba Granted Bail

Former Air Zimbabwe Holdings Private Limited Group chief executive officer  Peter Chikumba has been granted bail pending appeal at the High Court.

Justice Joseph Mafusire has granted the 60-year old Chikumba US$2 000 bail ruling that there are high prospects of success on appeal.

He noted that he agreed with Chikumba’s lawyers that Chikumba was not a public official and there was no evidence showing that he had corruptly concealed a transaction from anyone as advanced by the state.

He also ruled that there were no indications that Chikumba might flee from the country as there are indications that he is likely to succeed on appeal.

Chikumba was represented by Advocate Thabani Mpofu under instruction from his lawyer Admire Rubaya.

Meanwhile, former Air Zimbabwe Company Secretary Grace Pfumbidzayi’s lawyers have indicated that they are filing an appeal following Chikumba’s victory.

Chikumba was jointly charged with Pfumbidzayi for abuse of office as a public officer and they were both jailed to effective 7-year terms.