Former Senior Army Officer Kicked Out Of Bar By CIOs

Mbudzi who recently rejoined Zanu (PF) was pushed out of ZimCafe bar along Kwame Nrumah and Fifth Avenue in Harare by suspected members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) after he openly spoke against President Robert Mugabe’s continued stay in power.

Mbudzi was fished out of the crowded corner bar by two overzealous and heavily built men as he was engaging in a political conversation with other patrons on Friday evening, the eve of President Robert Mugabe’s birthday party celebrations.

A Radio VOP reporter witnessed the fracas which started soon after Mbudzi spoke loudly suggesting the replacement of Mugabe as the Zanu (PF) presidential candidate with either Vice President Joyce Mujuru or Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangangwa.

Mbudzi had his pilsner beer drink violently emptied before he was pushed and shoved into a corner. He however put up a spirited fight against the CIOs accusing them of disrespecting him since he is a former army officer who has rights like anyone else in present day Zimbabwe. But he was overpowered and later gave up.

Mbudzi argued with the CIOs for a few minutes with terrified patrons streaming out of the bar.

“You can’t push me out of this bar, who are you? I … don’t know what is your problem,” shouted Mbudzi as he was being drugged out of the bar. His jean suit was left torn as a result of the fracas.

Mbudzi later told Radio VOP: “I was kicked, they were beating me up and I have made an official complaint against the CIOs to the minister. They have no right to go around beating up people. I am a soldier and if they treat me like this then what more to other ordinary Zimbabweans. This is bad. I was only speaking my mind.”

Mbudzi, a Zanu (PF) prodigal son and probably the most outspoken politician from Masvingo, was part of former Finance Minister Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn political project before he returned to Zanu (PF) last year. He has in the past openly spoken against Mugabe saying the man who turned 88 on Tuesday and celebrated his milestone on Saturday with a big birthday bash, was now past his prime.