Former Top Ranking Army Officer Denies Mugabe Links In Marange

Retired Colonel Dube, a ZANU PF Politburo member, described his critics as habitual fault finders who have chosen to ignore that he has also chaired various other firms in the country with little or no controversy.

“I have been chairman of more than 10 or more organisations but they did not find fault with that. I do not see why they are now raising a furore when I am chairman of Marange resources, just because there is more interest in Marange, I do not think these statement are even worth answering to them,” said the soft speaking politician-cum-businessman.

Marange Resources is owned by the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) and operates one of the four concessions mining at the controversial diamond fields.

Dube was also a ZMDC board member for eight years.

Critics, especially from the Non Governmental Organisations , are concerned about the systematic secondment of senior army and police personnel to management structures of diamond mining firms in Chiadzwa where government has 50 percent stake in four of the five companies, with suggestions that they are there to raise funds for a Zanu PF campaign for the next elections.

These includes; Martin Rushwaya, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Oliver Chibage and Nonkosi M. Ncube, both police commissioners and Munyaradzi Machacha, a ZANU PF director of publications.

Also among the lot is Morris Masunungure, a former army officer and Romeo Daniel Mutsvunguma, a retired army Colonel in the Zimbabwe Defence Force.

But Dube insisted his secondment to Marange Resources was based on merit while also denying the claims of the involvement of security commanders in the country’s diamond mining activities was political.

“It is not true,” he said, “How do you pick somebody purely out of loyalty if he is illiterate. To run a company requires skill and a broad knowledge of administration. If otherwise you will pick someone because he is very loyal to you and those are all the credentials he has, then you are certain he will run that company down.”