Former ZIfa Chairman Accused Of Holding On To Car

The car, an Isuzu double cab, was Nyatanga’s official car during his reign as Zifa president, which expired on March 27 when Cuthbert Dube took over as the head of the association.

Nyatanga denied he was still holding on to the Zifa car saying he had asked for an official hand over take over from the new Zifa board, a request which he claimed had not had a positive response.

Nyatanga was supposed to have handed over the car after the March 27 elections but two months down the line he was said to be still clinging to the vehicle.

The former PSL and Zifa boss, who at one time also served as Zifa secretary general, said the vehicle in question was given to him by the then patron of Zifa, the late Zimbabwe vice president Joseph Msika, for use but he as president of Zifa never at one time or the other used the vehicle.

Nyatanga on Tuesday told Radio VOP that the car was in fact involved in an accident while being used by Zifa Programmes and Competitions Manager Jonathan Musavengana adding that the vehicle was at Supreme Panel Beaters in Msasa. These claims were refuted by the current Zifa administration.

The former Blackpool Football Club chairman said he was still open to a hand over and take over for any Zifa property if the new board was willing to have that done.

Since its election on March 27 the new Zifa board, which is headed by Dube, has held only one meeting on April 30. No meeting was held with the immediate past board for an official hand over take over.

The elections for the board were held despite resistance that an AGM had to be held first before new people took over office.