Former Zim's Permanent Representative To The UN In Messy Divorce

Evelyn wants the ex-diplomat’s partner Gracia Zawi, to pay US$35 000 as compensation for adultery damages and contumelia which she allegedly suffered as a result of the adulterous relationship with Boniface. She is also seeking a decree of divorce, an order for maintenance and a share of the matrimonial property. Evelyn wants the High Court to equitably allocate the matrimonial estate involving properties such as eight residential houses in Harare and Gweru, three vehicles and several trucks, a farm, farm equipment, over 100 herds of cattle, household goods and shareholding in some companies.

She also alleges Boniface has removed and concealed some of the matrimonial property in anticipation of divorce, employing strategies which include registration of companies and transferring certain assets into those companies. she said in the event of Boniface failing or refusing to disclose the matrimonial property he allegedly concealed, the entire matrimonial property should be awarded to her.

Evelyn is also claiming $5 000 per month from Boniface as personal maintenance, which she claims he is able to pay. She also wants Boniface, who in 2008 slammed the UN’s condemnation of Zimbabwe’s sham presidential election as “out of order” to pay for school fees for their three children and personal maintenance during their school years.

She and Boniface have lived in a number of countries overseas where they were both serving in various capacities in the foreign service of Zimbabwe. These include Washington DC, Beijing, Luanda, Geneva and New York.

Chidyausiku is now resident in Zimbabwe since his recall from his posting as permanent representative to the UN by President Robert Mugabe last year and is currently working in the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Harare. He is also presently carrying out some farming activities at his Mufenje Farm in Concession, Mashonaland Central province.

Evelyn, who remained in New York, where she is serving as an assistant tourism officer after the recall of her husband, accused Boniface of being “physically and emotionally violent and abusive” and failing to treat her with “love, respect and companionship expected between husband and wife.” She said Boniface and Gracia’s behaviour had caused her mental anguish and had led to the complete breakdown of her marriage to the ex-diplomat.

“The marriage between the plaintiff (Evelyn) and first defendant (Boniface) has irretrievably broken down to an extent where it is no longer possible for the parties to live together as husband and wife……Second defendant (Gracia has stolen 1st defendant (Boniface)’s love and affection for plaintiff (Evelyn) and she has also dissipated and squandered family assets in a most hurtful manner,” reads part of Evelyn’s declaration filed with the High Court recently.