Former Zipra Supremo in Vitriol Attack over Military Chefs

“As a military person myself, it is unfortunate that my colleagues decide to miscarry their duties as army personnel,” said the former ZIPRA intelligence supremo at a party press briefing in Harare Friday.

“The army’s job is to protect the citizens of the country, to protect asserts of the country. They are not supposed to meddle in politics. If they really felt they should do that, the best they can
do is to take off their uniforms and join the party which they seem to have done as far as Zanu PF is concerned.

“They have even become the commissariat of Zanu PF. That is an abuse of the military institution.”

Dabengwa’s comments follow current steps by dozens of top chefs in both the police and military who have declared their interest to contest the next general elections as Zanu PF candidates.

They insist Zanu PF civilian politicians have exposed the party to possible defeat from the MDC.

Turning to elections, the former Home Affairs Minister did not rule out the prospect of joining forces with “positive minded” parties to form a strong coalition against Zanu PF.

He however admitted this would be a tall order as individual parties would always want to retain their distinct identities all the time.

Dabengwa, a former Zanu PF politburo member, also blasted President Mugabe and his party for continued attempts to block the concept of devolution of power from the new constitution insisting the veteran leader did not own Zimbabwe.

“The Zimbabwean citizens are owners and the supreme authority of the state of Zimbabwe.  They decide what type of state and system of government they want. No individual or political organisation has the licence or the monopoly to decree that for them,” he said.

“The outburst recently with all due respect of our President and the decision of his politburo that they do not want a constitution with devolution of power is a subversion of the citizens’ supreme authority over their state. The President and his politburo have no authority to impose on their issue of devolution because they are not the owners of this country.”

Dabengwa said he continues to receive secret calls from his former Zanu PF colleagues urging him to push harder in his current demands for devolution since they themselves were too scared to publicly go against President Mugabe’s position on devolution.