Forty-eight Hour Eviction Notice To Anglicans And Orphanage

In a notice of ejectment dated 6 September 2011, the Deputy Sheriff for Murewa, only identified as Mzingwina, gave tenants at St John’s Anglican Church Mission in Chikwaka including administrators at Shearley Cripps Home, an orphanage housing more than 100 orphans and located about 100 kilometres outside Harare, 48 hours to vacate the premises.

The notice of ejectment came after Kunonga caused the Registrar of the High Court to issue a writ of ejectment against the CPCA from their properties in a fresh assault on the Bishop Chad Gandiya-led church.

Through the writ of ejectment dated 2 September 2011, Kunonga through his Diocesan Trustees for the Diocese of Harare wants the CPCA and occupants at all CPCA Anglican Diocese of Harare properties to vacate the premises and make way for his Diocesan Trustees for the Diocese of Harare.

Pursuant to the writ of ejectment, Kunonga’s followers have already ordered Priests at some rectories to vacate the various church properties and to surrender the properties.

In seizing the CPCA properties, Kunonga and his followers are reportedly relying upon the impugned part of the judgment issued last month by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku to claim that the dispute has now been determined finally by the Supreme Court.

The CPCA has appealed against the recent Supreme Court decision that gave custody of some Anglican properties to Kunonga.

Meanwhile police released Reverend Julius Zimbudzana, the priest in charge at St Mary’s Anglican Church in Highlands who was arrested on Tuesday on allegations of theft of church property worth over US$1, 5 million.

He was released into the custody of his lawyers on Thursday afternoon.

Sharon Hofisi of V Nyemba and Associates told Radio VOP that the state indicated that it would proceed by way of summons in the case which has heightened tensions in deeply divided Anglican Church.

Hofisi said the state should not have arrested Rev Zimbudzana in the first place without the approval of a seven member board of trustees which was given temporary custodianship of the Church properties by the High and Supreme courts.

“There is no way that the accused could have stolen the said property which include bibles and hymn books as Rev Zimbudzana was evicted from Highlands Church by Bishop Kunonga’s people,” he said.

Rev Zimbudzana told Radio VOP that his arrest had traumatized him together with his family.

“I am happy to be free again and I will continue to do God’s work without fear,” he said.

Dr Nicholas Chad Gandiya, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Harare in the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) said the charges are strange as no parish in the  diocese with the  exception of the Cathedral Parish has properties worth that much.