FreeZim leader shoots Down Mthuli’s Vic Falls Stock Exchange proposal

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Opposition leader Joseph Busha has shot down the idea by finance and economic development minister Mthuli Ncube to set up a Victoria Falls stock exchange.

In a statement, the 2018 presidential hopeful said there were a lot of issues people are grappling with which need redress than the Victoria Falls stock exchange.

“The minister of finance honourable Professor Mthuli Ncube proposes to start up the Victoria Falls stock exchange. He must forget, scrap that idea and focus on real issues affecting our people,”blasted Busha.

The politician-cum-businessman also criticised the impending move by the Zanu PF government of banning Old Mutual to trade on the stock exchange saying it renders Mthuli’s proposal worthless.

“The Government wanting to ban the trading of dual listed Old Mutual shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange would spook an investor and make the proposed Victoria Falls stock exchange a white elephant,” he added.

According to Busha, foreign investors are enjoying more benefits than the local people despite the rhetoric by the Zanu PF-run government that it prioritise indigenisation.

“Policies and actions must converge. Foreign investors enjoy more benefits than locals already and in the next two years running into 2023 general elections Zimbabwe will be owned by Belarus, China, Russia, and Zanu PF elites.

“Economic development must be inclusive and as President of Freezim Congress and God willing the next democratically elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I urge the current government to be accountable to the citizens and to not plunder the country,” bemoaned Busha.

The opposition leader’s comments come at a time when there is growing discontent that the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government is failing to cater for the well-being of ordinary citizens as the economy continues to plummet while corruption by public officials has reached a crescendo.

It is against this background that opposition parties, civic society and trade unions are mobilising citizens to demonstrate on 31 July.