French President Calls For Increased Global Fight Against ISIS

PARIS- French President Francois Hollande has called on the international community to set aside its sometimes diverging national interests and join a grand coalition against the hard line Islamic group ISIS.

Hollande is due to meet with Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in two days.

Addressing the French nation, President Hollande said the French people’s emotions and anger are immense.

Hollande said he understands the call for demanding action in order to neutralise terrorist groups.

He also called on world nations to unite and bring the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) activities to an end.

“I know very well that every country does not have the same interests, or the same ideas. But what is at stake here is putting an end to this, destroying an army that threatens the entire world and not only some countries more than others.”

Hollande’s call follows a heavy raid earlier on Wednesday, when the military and police moved into the centre of the suburb of St Denis.  

This during a standoff underway around the building believed to be holding a Belgian militant suspected of masterminding last week Friday’s attacks.

Two assailants were killed during the raid which was filled with heavily armed police and soldiers. In the midst of all these, a woman died after detonating a bomb at the scene.

Police cordoned off the area nearby, including a pedestrian zone lined with shops. Riot police cleared the people from the streets.

St Denis is one of France’s most historic places and is home to a vibrant and very ethnically diverse population. The target of the raid was a Belgian Islamic State member, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, accused of masterminding the carnage, but it’s still unclear whether he has been found.

The militant group killed at least 129 people in attacks Friday night on a concert hall, cafes and France’s national stadium.