Fresh Cholera Outbreak Hits Chiredzi

Sangwe and Chilonga areas are the most affected with official figures indicating that Sangwe alone recorded 150 cases while Chilonga had 36.

Chiredzi district medical officer Dr Paul Ngere confirmed that his district was under serious cholera outbreak but refused to give detailed information to the press as he preferred to direct all the questions to the Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Dr Robert Mudyiradima.

“We are currently battling to fight cholera here, however, I am not the best person to give details to the press,” said Dr Ngere.

However, Dr Mudyiradima downplayed by neither denying nor accepting the disease outbreak in the lowveld.

Nonetheless, Dr Mudyiradima accepted that he has since dispatched a team to Chiredzi where they are expected to come out with what is ‘exactly taking place on the ground’.

“Our officers who went to Chiredzi are not yet back. Once they come, we will be able to give you exact information on what is exactly taking place on the ground,” said Mudyiradima.