Frustration As Gweru Sells Stands, Fails To Service Them

By Sydney Gokomere

Gweru, September 07, 2016 – THE cash-strapped Gweru city council has failed to service Mkoba 21 residential stands, a year after selling the property to residents with a promise to develop them sooner rather than later.

Council availed 6 000 stands to residents early last year in a bid to raise capital for some of its operational obligations but has since been failing to attract investors to service the stands.

Some prospective home owners who purchased the stands hoping to put up houses as soon as servicing was complete have demanded their money back in frustration.

“I have since been paid back my money because I realised it’s taking too long for council to service the stands. It is better for me to look for an area with serviced stands,” said one resident Elifas Nzvanzvike.

Chairperson of the commission running the affairs at council, Tsunga Mhangami said the local authority has approached the National Social Security Authority owned bank, National Building Society to service the area.

“We have approached the National Building Society and held discussions with them to see how many stands they might want to take,” Mhangami said.

“As council, we are however making our individual efforts to have the area serviced so that people can start building.”

Acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi also said council was still keen on finding partners to develop the area.


Gweru council, like many other local authorities across the country, is faces acute budget constraints have seen projects stall while workers have gone for months without being paid.