Fuel, Airtime, Handset Prices Increased

Zimbabwe’s finance and economic development minister Patrick Chinamasa, in delivering an underwhelming fiscal policy increased the prices of petrol,diesel,airtime and handsets.

Excise duty on fuel will go up by 5 cents for both diesel and petrol, ie to 30 cents and 35 cents respectfully. Fuel increase is set to affect everything, even if from a perception perspective.

Prices of basic commodities including transport costs  and foodstuffs are likely to go up

An airtime duty of 5% will be introduced on airtime.

Vehicle duty will go up by 100% in some instances.

Unlike most Zanu (PF) party gatherings which are beamed live on national television, Chinamasa’s fiscal policy speech in Parliament was only broadcast on radio with a number of breaks in transmission during his delivery.