Furor Over Free Presidential Farming Inputs Continues

Village sources said Zanu (PF) supporters led by one local headmaster who is an activist called Muzenda and Clever Chambwe mobilised their supporters to get the free fertilizer on Saturday afternoon.

“Some MDC supporters attended the function and urged that if the free inputs scheme was from the President it should not be discriminatory. This did not go down well with Zanu (PF) supporters who wanted it all for their supporters,” said a villager from Govera village near the growth point who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

It is alleged that Zanu (PF) supporters barred suspected MDC supporters and demanded that those who wanted to benefit must produce the party cards.

However, MDC supporters did not take lightly to that resulting in a war of words between youths of the two parties which went on for nearly two hours before police were called in to mediate and diffuse tensions.

A junior police officer source at Chitindiva said, ’’It was highly political and we said they must resolve their differences and share it equally among those who were present. We could not take sides on this issue and there was nothing criminal.’’

However another source added that Zanu (PF) card holding members were outnumbered by those from MDC. Nearly 200 villagers eventually got a 5 kilogramme bag of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer each.

In Karoi hospital staff abandoned patients in a rush to receive the free farming inputs while in Sanyati it was reported that soldiers and officers from the central intelligence office were manning distribution centres and involved in the distribution of the free seed and fertiliser. They were demanding Zanu (PF) membership cards.