Gaddafi Fall A Lesson To Other African Dictators – MDC-T Spokesman

“This is an inevitable sad ending to an intransigent dictator,” party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told RadioVop in an exclusive interview Friday.

“His death has sent an important lesson to all the dictators that they must govern within their mandate and must never exceed it. It also teaches them that the winds of democratic change are unstoppable and can turn brutal if attempts are made to suppress them.”

Mwonzora said dictators must know when it was time to go.

“They must also know that when i’ts time to go it’s not up to them to set the terms of their departure. What Gaddafi did was a typical act of foolish bravery and this is typical of dictators in Africa especially Sub Saharan Africa.”

Zimbabweans on Thursday clustered around televisions beaming live coverage of the capture and killing of Gaddafi, an ally to their President Robert Mugabe. Some of them said they were tired of Mugabe’s dictatorial rule and reacted with excitement on the news of the fall of Africa’s longest serving ruler.

“Dictators must die,” a youth shouted from the back of a passing truck in central Harare as ordinary Zimbabweans swarmed a newspaper stall with screaming headlines of Gaddafi’s ignominious demise.

Zimbabweans view their President as no different from other long serving leaders like Gaddafi.

“Gaddafi is not a martyr,” says one Tapiwa Magwenzi, an ordinary citizen, “He was killed while defending not what he believed to true but his wealth.”

Former Zimbabwe ambassador to China Christopher Mutsvangwa condemned the Thursday’s killing of the Libyan dictator by Libyan rebels assisted by NATO.

“He was killed by imperial powers,” said Mutsvangwa, “They should have allowed the Libyans to solve their differences through the African Union initiative facilitated by President Zuma (Jacob).”

Mutsvangwa was quick to say Libya’s political dynamics were very different from those of Zimbabwe adding that the Arab country’s invasion was unlikely in Zimbabwe.