Gaddafi Was Used And Killed By West: Mugabe

Addressing 6000 Zanu-PF supporters at the party’s annual conference which is currently going-on at ZITF grounds in Bulawayo, Mugabe said Gaddafi never invested much in Zimbabwe and Africa at large but had mainly invested in Europe.

“Gaddafi was taking the Libyan riches to Europe; he was not investing in Africa. In Zimbabwe he only gave us two camels and there are still here. After all his Europeans friends are the ones who killed him, he died a painful death,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe added: “He had become friends of the West and the British and Americans knew everything about Libya before they came to attack him.” Mugabe also blamed Africa Union saying was divided that it couldn’t help Gaddafi who was fighting NATO forces before being killed.

The Zanu-PF leader said he was tired of the government of national unity and wants elections next year claiming that there is no democracy in the current government.

“There was no power in constitution which allowed us to create the inclusive government we only sacrificed this, but we are tired it’s high time we have elections”.

The Zanu-PF leader said the country will go ahead with the indigenization programme of grabbing foreign companies despite resistance from the MDC formations.

He said he was also worried that most late national heroes like Vice President Joshua Nkomo and Simon Muzenda were united but currently there are divisions in Zanu-PF.

“We had different tribes during the liberation war and we didn’t care whether some were Ndebele, Manyika, Zezuru or Karanga. Are we together in Zanu-PF?”

The Zanu-PF conference ends on Saturday with a musical gala scheduled for White City stadium in the city on the same night.

Mugabe also blasted the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) saying “it’s a party led by people who like women too much.”