Gadhafi Not Welcome Here: MDC-T

Aljazeera reported this morning  that there is a possibility that Gadhafi will settle in Zimbabwe or Angola.

However speaking to Radio VOP Clifford Hlatswayo the spokesperson for MDC-T youth assembly said there are not going to allow another dictator to settle in Zimbabwe adding that the country is already under dictatorship.

“We will not allow that. He was rejected, dejected, defeated and he is a criminal. He has caused harm to his own people, killing them because of power. We will not tolerate such nonsense. We are already occupied by one dictator here in Zimbabwe.

Hlatswayo said the MDC-T is greatly shocked by such reports; saying they are detrimental to peace and security of in Zimbabwe. “Gadhafi is a security threat. We don’t want him. Zimbabwe is not a haven for criminals let him stay in his own country and face the music.”

Libya revolutionist swept into Tripoli Gadhafi stronghold on Monday and arrested his two sons. Gadhafi has been in power for nearly 42 years and that have made him the fourth longest serving on royal leader since 1900, as well as the longest-serving Arab leader.

Gadhafi became head of state by removing King Idris in a bloodless coup in 1970. The United Nations called Libya under Gaddafi pariah state and the United States held Libya on its list of states sponsoring terrorism from 1979 to 2006.